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Creative merchandise
done differently

Our Values

We are open minded, we are agile, we take a path less trodden. Creative yet grounded, left field thinkers and doers.

We are responsible, we take ownership, we are open and honest.

We have fun. We put our heart and soul into what we do. We smile and always look forward; we enjoy what we do. We look forward with positivity.

We work as one towards a common purpose, we are there for each other. We are together in agreement and action.

We are dedicated and focused, we are committed. Stable, steady, but not boring. We are dependable and reliable.

Our Vision

We build open and honest relationships with our clients, where nothing is off limits when it comes to creative ideas and solutions.

Here at Uncommon we’re creative yet grounded, so first we listen.

Understanding your brand vision and your strategic and tactical goals is the first step in our creative process. Then we dig deeper, asking questions to get to the heart of your brand. Our designers then get to work, bringing your brand vision to life with creative flair and expertise.

From initial sketches through to CAD designs, we work with you as your bespoke range evolves into a collection you’d be proud to use. The ultimate articulation of your brand.

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Aquinas House
Warstone Lane
Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham, West Midlands
United Kingdom
B90 4PD